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Dale Don Carney Young Living Essential Oils Canada

Dale Carney is the founder of Guided Learning Solutions, treatment a home-based health and wellness business in Kanata, ON.   She empowers others to use pure, medical grade essential oils as a better health alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Married to Don for over 30 years, she worked as a registered nurse until her children were born.

Dale experienced challenges when a one-size-fits-all education system could not provide the unique requirements for teaching her children. She instead chose to home school and researched innovative educational approaches to help her children.  Based on her research and successful experiences from applying different educational tools in the home environment, Dale launched Guided Learning Solutions in 2003 to empower parents.

After her children had grown, Dale refocused her attention and Guided Learning Solutions to life-long health. She hit middle age and realized the health-care system really only provided symptom relief and not true healing. Pharmaceuticals were not her idea of health and so she became educated in alternative methodologies. Dale became aware of the need for educating the public about the very first medicine, essential oils and their power to heal, not just treat symptoms.

Her journey into essential oils lead to many discoveries across a wide range of health issues including : hormone balancing, inflamation, viruses, sleeplessness, stress reduction, weight management and detoxifying the home environment.  She continues to study alternative methods of healing, and currently is a Certified Raindrop Practitioner.

Dale speaks by invitation to groups or individuals interested in learning about non toxic solutions to health and healing. To book Dale to speak or to attend the next FREE Information Night, call Guided Learning Solutions at 613-599-7052.

Some topics that Dale speaks on include :

  • What to do when modern medicine fails
  • How to change your medicine cabinet
  • How to have a toxic-free home environment
  • The importance of nutrition and supplements