Abundant Living 101

Abundant Living 101

We are ordinary people who are seekers of truth in all areas of our lives.  Through the 50+ years of experiencing our own struggles and mistakes we began to recognize a repeating pattern of hard work – small success – sabotage – failure that characterized our lives in nearly area you can think of: job, shop business, order marriage, family, health, spirituality, etc.

It was so discouraging to see all the scorched earth around so many of our decisions, especially in our earlier years.  But it did make us desperate enough to look honestly at our lives and to diligently, with intent, seek out the truth and different ways of living that DO serve us well.

The good news is that there’s hope for anyone who truly wants a better way to live; something we call abundant living.  And it’s NEVER too late for anybody.  We’ve noticed that the happiest, most successful people are those who have discovered who they are, what their purpose is in life, and are doing it with joy regardless of age, handicaps, money or social status.  They tap into an internal wellspring of energy that propels them forward and gives them abundance.

This is something we are also experiencing.  We have been discovering and nurturing the small seeds of abundance in many areas of our lives without really knowing or understanding it going back more than 20 years.  But only in maybe the past five years have we begun to recognize the massive fruit that is growing and being produced from these tiny seeds of abundance sown through the years.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life is about tapping into, releasing and experiencing an endless overflow of positive energy that bubbles up from within your heart and is congruent with the Truth.  This energy is a gift from God and is the internal fire or passion that burns in your heart whenever you touch your true purpose.  It influences and aligns even the inconsequential and mundane daily things of your everyday life and causes these to experience multiplied growth that influences and changes everything around you.

It takes time for there to be a noticeable difference but it always produces positive results.  A farmer plants the seed, then waters and weeds persistently and consistently over time.  Finally a harvest occurs and there is as much as 100x more food produced than the seed that was originally planted.  That is what abundant life is like.

Keys to Abundant Life

There are four key keys we have observed from our own experiences in pursuing abundant life:

HEALTH – The food you put in your body influences the person you become, positive or negative.  Nourishing your body through the right food is only one part, identifying and removing hidden toxins that make you ill over time is another aspect.

EMPOWERMENT – Every day, by doing little easy things repeatedly, you will take charge of our life, tap into your purpose (what burns in your heart) and the law of time will begin to work for you instead of against you.

ABUNDANCE – Abundant life is way more than having more money than you need every month.  Learn about true abundance and begin to count your blessings instead of your bills.
TRANSFORMATION – You can break out of the emotional and behavioral ruts and blind spots that keep taking you one more time around the mountain.

If you’re wanting to make a change in your life and are ready to step into your life’s purpose then you’ve come to the right place.  We encourage you to read what we share based on our own experiences about abundant living and what we continue to learn about health, empowerment, abundance and transformation every day in life’s journey.  Along the way, we sincerely hope you will find your purpose and mission as well as the source of unending energy that will propel you into your destiny every day of your life.


Yours abundantly,
Dale and Don Carney

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