Common Toxic Products In Your Home (And How To Get Rid of Them)

How To Rid Your Home of Toxins

We’ve had a noticeable improvement in our health since we began to remove ‘hidden’ toxins that were slowly poisoning us from our home over the past year and a half.  These days most people are generally aware about environmental concerns from things like pesticides, buy more about chemicals like formaldehyde or coatings on cookware, unhealthy etc.  But there are so many little other areas to also think about as shown in the following chart:

Common Toxic Products In Your Home

This was a real eye-opener when we first saw it so we began to read labels on the stuff in our own home and confirmed what this is showing.  In some cases toxins were NOT listed on labels due to inconsistencies in government regulations.

Other useful reading:

We’ve often wondered about the long-term accumulative effects of toxins in our bodies.  Other than some obvious things like feeling dizzy from the odor from nail polish or skin irritation from bleach, we couldn’t easily observe the negative impacts from these toxins; at least initially.

We decided to begin to try to cut down this list since most if not all of those items were present in our home.  After about a year and a half here’s what we’ve done to this point to remove toxins from our household:

Removing Toxins From Your Home

At this point, we have completely eliminated our pharmaceuticals from the medicine cabinet.  We use essential oils instead.

What We’ve Found After a Year of Reduced Toxins

So now that we’ve eliminated most of the toxins in our household what have we observed?  We are aware that we don’t sweat as much and don’t need antiperspirants; have fewer colds; less respiratory congestion; indigestion (bloating and gas), joint/body aches and pains eliminated; no flaky or dry skin.  Arguably some of these improvements could also be from the result of the essential oils we take on a daily basis.

We have shifted what we were once spending on synthetic drugs and man-made detergents and health and beauty products to natural alternatives.  We notice that costs are the same or less but we now have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re taking care of our bodies.

How hard was it to change?  Not as disruptive to our busy lives as we expected.  We just kept at it and over a gradual process of months we were able to make the change-over.

In other postings we will share more about the specific alternatives we are using now and how to formulate these by yourself.

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